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South Portland Historical Society

South Porland Historical Society Facts

Originally founded in 1964 as the Cape Historical Society, the organization changed its name to the South Portland Historical Society in 2003.

The South Portland Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting items of historical significance, providing local history educational programming to school children through seniors, and illustrating the significant role that South Portland has played within the broader context of Maine and American history.

The material contained with the Historical Society's exhibit is diverse and deals with subjects varying from the World War Two Liberty shipyards of South Portland to the sardine canning industry. Other topics that merit substantial coverage are local lighthouses, horse racing history, and the town's role in the Civil War.

The Society has not traditionally had a permanent home, instead residing temporary in places such as closed school buildings or the basement of city hall. In 2009 the Portland Pipeline Corporation donated the Cushing's Point House to be used by the society. The House was moved to land provided by South Portland in Bug Light Park. The site currently occupied by the Historical Society was once part of the operation that constructed Liberty Ships during World War Two.

The Cushing's Point House is divided between the South Portland Historical Society's museum and a gift ship. The Society also maintains a research room and an archives collection.

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The South Portland Historical Society has an upcoming events page that provides the most recent postings on approaching events and other topics of note.